School Surveillance of Students Through Laptops May Be Doing More Harm Than Good

My hometown news website recently published an article with the above title authored by University of North Carolina Professor Nir Kshetri. I’ve never met Professor Kshetri but after reading his essay I posted the following comment. Professor Kshetri is all wrong in his analysis and conclusions regarding monitoring minor students use of district supplied computing […]

Quantitative CyberSeek

As a cybersecurity educator one of the core concepts that I try to relate to students is the ability to differentiate between qualitative and quantitative data. While to some it may seem a simple distiction between two forms of measurement; from my perspective as an educator it is not. While both forms of data are […]

What is Golden SAML?

The Golden SAML threat vector enables an attacker to create a forged SAML “authentication object,” and authenticate across every service that uses SAML 2.0 protocol as an SSO mechanism. In a golden SAML attack, the attacker can gain access to any application that supports SAML authentication (e.g. Azure, AWS, vSphere, etc.) with any privileges they […]