Category: Tech Education

Maintaining Your Certification

Congratulations! You passed your CompTIA certification exam and now you join those that are working to advance their careers by demonstrating and maintaining their technical skills. One of your next steps should be maintaining that certification. Your first step should be to make sure that CompTIA knows your mailing address. They will be sending you […]

Linux Troubleshooting Methodology

Studying for the CompTIA Linux+ 005 exam I came across a well known and well used (at least by me) topic; troubleshooting. Identify – What is the trouble? Scope – What is the extent of the trouble? One use? One computer? One network? One distro? Probable Cause – What is most likely causing the trouble? […]

Quantitative CyberSeek

As a cybersecurity educator one of the core concepts that I try to relate to students is the ability to differentiate between qualitative and quantitative data. While to some it may seem a simple distiction between two forms of measurement; from my perspective as an educator it is not. While both forms of data are […]